Saturday, December 19, 2009

Custom etching

Welcome to another blog, it has been a busy few weeks and I've Been doing some interesting work .

Brett has built himself an outdoor entertainment area with a club lounge feel to it and had this glassware and door plaque made to make that picture complete.

The men and women of the survival equipment training section at HMAS Cerberus made this award for a commanding officer that was leaving and had me make this brass plate for it. It was done by electrolytic etching then paint filled and polished.

Tony and his mates had these stubby coolers etched for a racing trip to NZ.

Bobs mate Tom had this plaque made to celebrate Bob's 90th birthday with a bit of humour. Congratulations to Bob for continuing to breathe for that length of time.

Meniere's Australia were looking for something special for this award and commissioned this handmade etched glass plate with a handmade aluminium stand.

Thanks for viewing todays blog and merry christmas to all of you